Hello GIGA community

Identifying your surfing level is necessary and an essential step for choosing the best-suited surfboard model for your needs.

This will have an enormous impact on your surfing development.


For us a BEGINNER :

will start from his first time in the water and is able to ride across a tiny wave after only a few sessions.

will ride 30 waves in an hour.

will feel legs tired at the end of each session

will have consistent take off at 80% success rate

will ride waves size from white water to waist hight


Past this stage we are considering you as an intermediate.

Welcome to this wonderful adventure which is learning how to surf with GIGA Surfboards!

After several years of research we have developed a unique concept allowing you to learn to surf and progress from a beginner to advanced level with the same size board.

Because of their generous dimensions, our boards will allow you to surf in safe environnement to optimise your riding time with a maximum rate of success.

Complete the GIGA Surfboards questionnaire below. Our expert will studie each of your answers and you will receive by e-mail, very shortly, the presentation of the surfboard made for you to progress with a lot of fun.

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