Our Production

Our brand is born in Vanuatu, a small archipelado of the Pacific Islands, between Australia, Fiji and New Zealand.

Our business model is eco-friendly oriented as our surfboards are made directly in the country where they are marketed. We love the idea of working with local shaper using their skills and expertise.

In Australie our surfboards are made on the Gold Coast

In Europe our surfboards are made in France


Our boards are produced in Queensland.

We offer two different manufacturing technologies produced in two separate workshops on the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

WAKESURF Technologies at Tweed Heads


WAKESURF Technologies products are 100% Australian, designed and manufactured from locally sourced materials.

"We work hard to design, build and test every product we make, so you can maximize your time in the water. Using our own designs and incorporating some of the most advanced composite materials, we have been able to create a unique range of surfboards that guarantee both strength and durability. Because all our boards and accessories have been quality tested by riders of all abilities, we are able to offer a degree of versatility and adaptability that is rarely found on the market."


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NOTOX Australia


NOTOX Surfboards Australia is determined to tackle the issue of sustainable surfing head-on by bringing innovative, ecologically-friendly surfboard technology to Australian shores.


Benoit Rameix - NOTOX FOUNDER / Master Shaper

Benoît began as an electronics technician, but above all was always fascinated by surfboards and the art of shaping.

At aged 15, he spent all his free time learning how to shape beautiful surfboards, from scratch.
He tested all his boards himself, from the Hossegor barrels down to Lafitenia reef power waves.

Not much has changed since. His love for perfection and new composite technologies make him a highly-respected shaper internationally.
Benoît’s claim to fame was convincing the great William Riedel Stretch to travel outside of the US, for the first time, to visit the NOTOX factory.


Pierre Pomiers - NOTOX FOUNDER / Engineer

An IT Engineer with a PhD in robotics, Pierre spent a decade working with European leaders in mobile industrial robotics before founding NOTOX.

Pierre is inspired by his knowledge in creating innovative alternative solutions, which respect both the shapers’ health and the environment.
He envisions boards of transcendent performance and ethical manufacturing.

He dreams big and surfs bigger.


Laurent Labat - Surfboard and Shaper Guru

His only dream was to build surfboards and he did it.
With nearly 25 years of experiments, Laurent is our surfboard guru.

He has worked for the most renowned surf brands and shapers.

His knowledge of handcrafting techniques is nearly endless.

Some consider him the best French glasser ever, and we fully agree.



Lou started out as an eco-tour guide in Central Australia before starting her own bookkeeping business. Then she took a trip to France, fell in love with the NOTOX brand and the rest is history.

Lou is working hard to ensure a greener future for all.

Passionate about living life with a purpose, Lou is working to educate the Australian surfing community around the benefits of sustainable surfing.

She can be found catching waves at her local beach on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.


SYLVAIN MITAUT - Australian Sales Manager

A passionate and accomplished surfer with an International business background, Sylvain completed his internship with NOTOX France.

He travelled the world with his two greenOne® before settling on the Gold Coast where he quickly noticed the lack of eco-board solutions in such a huge market.

His dream to promote the NOTOX brand on the Australian shore has become a reality.
Living on the North side of the Gold Coast, South Stradbroke remains his favourite surf spot, as the break reminds him of the French beach-breaks.


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Our boards are produced in France, in the South West.

We offer two different manufacturing technologies produced in two separate workshops in the Landes (40) and in the Basque Country (64).

BYTHEWAVE Technologies in Moliets


BYTHEWAVE Technologies has recently opened a surfboard manufacturing workshop in Moliets where we are happy to be the first brand in partnership with their new workshop.



BYTHEWAVE technology is 2 patents registered, extended internationally (US, Australia, Japan and Europe), it is more than 2200 users, it is a technology and a product made 100% in France (from the map assembly), it is a distribution agreement with Japan, an award among the 25 companies rewarded at CES 2019 in the Sport Tech category. And it is also a technology transfer in progress for the national association HandiSurf (attached to the Ministry of Sports) which chose BYTHEWAVE for the development of specific tools for the practice of riders with disabilities. And it is finally a development with international athletes underway for a techno transfer from BYTHEWAVE in view of the marketing of tools for the preparation of athletes for the Olympic Games.


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NOTOX in Anglet


NOTOX specializes in the development of new generation surfboards: high performance and high environmental quality.


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