Hello GIGA kids crew & parents

Teaching your kid to surf is the best feeling in the world.

The excitement of standing on the feet on top of the water is unbelievable and we want to assist you in the process.

We are dedicated to get you the happiness of surfing!

For total beginners we encourage you to use the parents GIGA Surfboards to learn all the basis on standing up in very small waves.

When your kid already knows how to stand up we have performance shortboard for him.

With our surfboards, he/she can develop his/her skills in all kind of surfing conditions, acquire confidence to improve step by step safely.

Complete the GIGA Surfboards questionnaire below.

Our expert will studie each of your answers and you will receive by e-mail, very shortly, the presentation of the surfboard made for you to improve with a lot of fun.

On the left if your kid(s) know how stand up, otherwise the fill up the questionnaire on the right.

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