Surfboard construction

Notox Collaboration



We use Stringerless EPS blanks and Epoxy resin (both help to minimize their environmental impact), custom designed Web-Fused Carbon reinforcement on the bottom and deck for long lasting, resilient flex memory, and we glass them with 1 x 4OZ SX bottoms and 2 x 4OZ SX on decks with combo of E and S cloth. The result is a very light board with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, added flotation for better paddle power, with a fresh and lively feel.



NOTOX boards produce waste for less than half their weight, 75% of which is recyclable.

Materials are sourced as close as possible to the NOTOX lab to ease the carbon footprint.

The material comes from an organic natural origin or from recycling and produces no toxicity for people and nature.




Thinking ethically doesn’t mean we don’t care about technology and performance. It’s the other way around.

Through a decade in development and production, design and materials bring our boards improved capacities, not just for the sake of statistics, but to seek the best surfing experience possible.

Lighter and easier to handle whilst providing more resistant and better absorbing vibrations, our boards are designed for fun.




We use ENVIRO-FOAM EPS blanks for all our surfboards, which means that the core of Notox greenOne® surfboards come from recycled EPS regrinds and surfboard scraps.

The benefits are environmental first, but more than that!

You get a stronger board due to tight fusion between the beads, a cleaner look and they are easier to shape because the tightly fused beads do not fall apart.

We only use ENVIRO-FOAM EPS that have been Eco-Board Approved by Sustainable Surf.



The use of Flax is probably what you will see first on our surfboards.

For the greenOne® we engineered a new generation of multi-axial flax fabric.

Natural fibers bring more flexibility as well as a strong dynamic.
You will feel an instant board response and increased speed all whilst absorbing vibrations.

It is not only beautiful, 100% natural and renewable, but it is dynamic and improving the performance of the greenOne®.




Over a decade ago, Sicomin and NOTOX began to address the untapped potential of bio resins in the manufacture of sports equipment.

Together the companies have created a formulation that offers as little environmental impact as possible and supports greener production methods.

Sicomin’s GreenPoxy® 56 is now used to manufacture the entire range of NOTOX greenOne® short board, long board, and the Korko board.

The product contains over 51% carbon content which is sourced from plant and vegetable matter.




We use only 100 kg of non-volatile solvents (non-VOC) which are harmless for the shapers and the atmosphere.